Alcopop! Records

Alcopopular 5 - Hit Hikers Guide To The Galaxy CD + Map

You know Alcopopular right? Our compilation series that we like to put out on silly formats, featuring all of our favourite bands…. We’ve had menus, treasure maps in bottles, tapes and 3” CDs, and it’s time for NUMBER 5! Taking the form of a lovely, fold-out Ordnance Survey Style map + CD – this 20 track compilation takes the listener around the UK, songs carefully routed to not only work as a great tracklisting, but show off talent from across the region. With bands like Summer Camp, The JCQ, Fear of Men, Joanna Gruesome, Bos Angeles, Luke Stagecoach – and loads of rad AWESOMENESS… Just £6 – not bad eh.

01. Rams Pocket radio - Deiter Rams has the pocket Radios (Lisburn)

02. Ace City Racers – Waiting (Glasgow)

03. Wot Gorilla? – ‘Hold Me Back’ (Sowerby Bridge)

04. Elliott Morris – Home (Lincoln)

05. Nicholas Stevenson – Overthrown (Cambridge)

06. Summer Camp – ‘Probably Right’ (North London – Archway)

07. Jack R. Hardman - Lights of London (Ascot)

08. Wild Mercury Sound - Miss Frost (London)

09. The JCQ - Eyes for Ears (London)

10. Adults, The Elderly and Children – ‘Vogel’ (South London)

11. Delta/Alaska – D.L.O.I. (Kingston)

12. Tangled Hair – ‘Campfires’ (Addlestone)

13. Our Lost Infantry – ‘Pedestals’ (Aldershot)

14. Luke Barham - Found the Words (Dorking)

15. Dexy and the Hand Me Downs - Barlights (Lewisham)

16. Fear of Men - Doldrums (Brighton)

17. Bos Angeles – Pretend for You (Bournemouth)

18. The Cellar Family - Secret Admirer (Oxford)

19. Joanna Gruesome - Madison (Cardiff)

20. Squarehead - Mother Nurture (Dublin)