Alcopop! Records

Cassette Day ‘Secret 7th’ Sparkly Desert Red 56 trk Cassette

“Cassette tapes aren’t just a format, they’re a culture, and cassette culture is as much about collaboration as doing it yourself.…“…So said Jen Long at the grand announcement of Cassette Store Day, and it sparked something of an idea between us and our pal Luke (ex Stagecoach) at SuperFan 99. We wanted to figure out how to make the most collaborative cassette ever… So we invited everyone in the fucking world to be on it!

Backed by some of the label’s finest, who form tracks 1-6 of all the cassette’s tracklisting (Helen Love, Get Inuit, The Spills, The Orielles, Zooz and Cotillon), the secret 7th track on each will be a complete mystery – only revealed when the listener takes a look at the hand-finished artwork panel inside the sleeve… Because every 7th song will be from a different artist who we think are ace - hand recorded on each tape by Luke and I alongside bloody loads of prosecco! What’s more, you get all 50 tracks for free to download too. So that’s pretty awesome.

The price – a fiver. The cassette. Limited to 50! Will. Sell out reet soon. It’s all glittery and red too  Get in quick.