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TIGERCUB – Abstract Figures In The Dark CD/12”, Sweater, Tee and Tattoos Bundle

It’s finally here – and 100% vying for album of the year contender… TIGERCUB finally have their debut record, and it’s as good as you hoped. This is Abstract Figures In The Dark… A huge behemoth of an album that weaves elements of alt rock, stoner, powerful melodies and heart achingly strong lyrics. It’s the most positive Armageddon you could dream of. This is pretty much the ultimate, mega awesome YES GET ME THIS bundle - and useful too. Because it’s going to be a cold winter and we don’t want you to freeze. So – for your £50 odd you get this which comes with *deep breath* 12” CD, a very limited TIGERCUB abstract album sweater, an awesome TIGERCUB T Shirt bearing a slogan we can all subscribe to - TIGERCUB R GR8 - and a lyric zine, designed by Jamie and printed in the local community centre. There’s also a wonderful sheet of temporary tattoos. Blood, sweat and tears are extra.

Released 11th November 2016