Alcopop! Records

Gunning For Tamar - Black T-Shirt

Farewell sweet GFT. So long a big part of Alcopop! and incredible road warriors through the UK and Europe, Gunning for Tamar have always (and will ever) be an astonishing band. So it seemed right to commemorate them in some way - for all of those halcyon days gone by.

The Time Trophies EP out on a wristwatch, the sellout shows at Oxford O2, the expectanat crowds in Europe and all that love from all sides - we're sure as hell gonna miss it (and those handsome faces). So we've put together this black on black shirt for the purposes of mourning, in King (big print) and Emperor (MASSIVE all over print) versions.

You've been there, you've put in the miles - so we're making them £5, or £7 with the Camera Lucida EP. Enjoy and get in quick, for they are never to be repressed! It'll always be Tamar Time in your heart though...

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