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Her Parents - Happy Birthday (w/ Physical Release extra album bonus) LP

It's finally here.. the Pitchfork endorsed Her Parents are back with their first full-length release on pOp, their second record... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! While the new album is all resplendent on the A-side of this 180g vinyl, their first album 'Physical Release' gets right on in there prettifying the B side. That's a lot of fucking tracks (23), and a hand-made insert with digital download is included....


The various members of Her Parents hail from Scotland, Australia, Iceland and Coventry and feature current/ex-members of Dananananaykroyd, Stairs to Korea and Internet Forever. They are a great bunch of guys who play really quick punk songs that make you jump around and punch things for no more than about 90 seconds at a time.

Her Parents' new record has songs about a haunted brasserie, hollowing out a horse and the king of the babies. Like their previous album Physical Release, it was recorded in a single session with no instrumental overdubs. Her Parents are, in alphabetical order: Christopher Alcxxk, Sean Clothier, Calum Gunn and Vilhjálmur Pétur.

Press for Her Parents

“Like someone drained out Eddie Argos' avuncular side and twisted his every nerve.” – Pitchfork
“Vibrant and raw […] full throttle punk.” – 8/10 The Line of Best Fit
“Seriously, I've been waiting for a punk band like this for AGES, and finally they're here!” – The 405
“You can almost smell the sweat, piss and beer reeking through the ‘don’t give a fuck attitude’”– Mint Magazine
"Nietzsche" from Physical Release A-Listed on Amazing Radio

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