Alcopop! Records

Gunning For Tamar- - Camera Lucida EP CD

Oh Gunning for Tamar... What a few months its been! Lurching from packed out shows to the studio with legendary Chris Sheldon alongside a plethora of radio and press accolades... They stand on the edge of the future (wow, this is deep) alongside a huge 40-date tour and this epic EP... Camera Lucida.

Ideal for fans of early Biffy Clyro, Future of the Left and big furious melodic anthems... This is a must buy. Comes complete with lyric
poster in the CD, and the love of 4 good men. More below from singer Joe on 'Camera Lucida'...
"It's a fascinating and scary subject and there are many experiments surrounding memory manipulation of subjects by showing them photos of things they never did. It ties into other themes that are present in the songs on the EP, like the idea that the mind is easily manipulated by difficult situations, people and is incredibly fragile. This can sometimes lead to uncomfortably dark, very often surreal mindsets.”