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My First Tooth - Love Makes Monsters CD

It's finally here. The wonderful second album from indie pop folk-tinged legends My First Tooth...
The recording took them from Berlin to Bridlington, via London and saw them working with producers James Kenosha (Pulled Apart By Horses/Dry The River), Peter Abbott (Athlete/Misty’s Big Adventure) and Paul Pilot (Duke Special/‘Territories’) to create a wonderful record, that draws in inspiration from the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel and Okkervil River.

Thematically picking up where the first record left off, frontman Ross K Witt continues to weave wonderful narratives around often ignored rock and roll topics like animals and ships, but additionally picks over broken relationships and hints at an almost crushing sense of nostalgia, as exemplified by lead-off single ‘Past Broadcasts’. Sonically, the band (completed by Sophie Galpin, Jo Collis and Gareth Amwel Jones) expands on the folk-pop/alt-country blueprint of their debut, with the new LP finding the band in a more hard-edged, energetic form, playing as if their lives depend on it. They just might.