Alcopop! Records

Doctrines - ZE - EP CD

All fresh as fuck and brandishing the ‘sort of shout along indie-infused pop’ that the Japandroids would probably dig (we don’t know, we’ve not asked them) Doctrines are Alcopop! Records brand new signing…

Hailing from Manchester, the dynamic 4 piece (Jamie, Robert, Luke and Kyle) have been together just over a year, releasing a debut EP and appearing on recent BSM compilation ‘Making Music is for Pussies’. This super awesome EP, ZE, is released with us and those scandalously handsome lot at AC/DSleeve. It's nicely cheap yeah, and the EP is beautifully rendered.
Crafted as a 17 minute epic futuristic tale inspired by that mad old guy Raymond Kurzweil, transhumanism and postgenderism - it's not pretentious honest... But it undulates with a whole bag of awesome, throaty lyrics and guitar riffing genius. Love this? You'll love this!