Alcopop! Records

The Wit and Wisdom of Nigel Farage 7”

Based on the magnificent Stiff Records parody of 1980, vs. Ronald Reagan, Alcopop! Records are releasing a parody 7” single attempting to fit ALL of the wit and wisdom of Nigel Farage onto just two sides of vinyl.

It is, of course, utterly blank….

The A-side is fully groove cut and, short of a few natural crackles or pops, will play only silence, but the exceptional Rou of Shikari Sound System (and Enter Shikari) has put together a sterling remix for the B-Side, containing more musings the Alcopop! crew imagine Mr. Farage has in his head… Dripping taps, ambient noise, and seagulls. A hot ambient mess!

Aimed at fans of satire and silence the vinyl will be fully stickered so customers are aware what they’re buying, but Alcopop! hope the political point will resonate. This is not a vinyl affiliated with any other political parties. This is more of a message to showcase what the label think of the UKIP leader.

A good portion of the profits will go to The Migrants Rights Network.