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Fight Like Apes - Fight Like Apes CD

Like a snotty kid poking a dead crow with a shitty stick; or a scabby knee that you just can't help but keep picking at; these are scenes from the A&E at the end of the world, and fight like apes are open for admissions. Finally here, after an epic wait post an incredibly successful campaign, Fight Like Apes are back with their third album (this time self-titled) and it's undeniably their best yet.

Still in touch with the snarling chorus lines, acerbic wit and sometimes angelic, other moment banshee- like vocals from Irish television star May Kay, there's enough of the traditional FLApes feel to keep the fans interested, but this album tells of something new… Something wonderful. Something that looks set to catapult these stars of the underground into something interstellar. Fight Like Apes have always known their way around a bona fide radio hit, and there's no shortage of those on this record, with a handful of tracks jostling for position to be first single; 'Pretty Keen on Centrefolds' and 'Pop Itch' great examples of those.

Meanwhile the power just keeps coming, and even in more tender moments such as 'Carousel' or 'The Hunk and the Funpalace' huge melodic moments pop out from everywhere with rattling synths and drums and all things wonderful. We're just gonna come out with it. This sounds like a number 1 album!