Alcopop! Records

No Such Thing As A Fish LP + 52 bonus tracks

QI is a global institution, and Alcopop! Records are proud to be bringing one of the jewels in the ‘Quite Interesting’ crown to vinyl for the first time. Party to over 20 million listens since its inception, winner of the iTunes Best New Podcast 2014, recipient of a Chortle Comedy Award in 2015 and with an average weekly listenership of 350k, this is “No Such Thing As a Fish” - the sublime QI podcast, written and performed by the brains behind the popular TV Show.

This record boasts a feature length, never-to-be-broadcast episode on a lavishly packaged heavyweight black (standard edition). What’s really beautiful about this package is that it also contains downloadable versions of the first 52 podcasts - so there’s a year’s worth of entertainment for your RRP. And on the exclusive vinyl episode, listen out for the cameo from Slipknot frontman and QI fan Corey Taylor!

Riffing on hilarious trivia, comedy stars and fact-hunters extraordinaire Dan Schreiber, Andrew Hunter Murray, James Harkin and Anna Ptaszynski entertain, interest and delight in one of the breeziest listens you’ll enjoy all year. Want to know what the Swiss Cheese Pervert was arrested for in Philadelphia, or why there’s a ski shop in the Sahara Desert? Well, this is for you! It’s no surprise the guys have just sold out a 5 night, 1000 capacity show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and are rapidly shifting huge numbers of tickets for their winter tour.

Why are we doing this? Well, this is the first podcast to get the full rock star vinyl/merch/megatour treatment because, put simply, it’s the best one out there. The podcast revolution has been gathering pace since the sensational Serial hit the headlines last year, and this is the next step.