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No Such Thing As A Fish + Emperor Yes Vinyl bundle

You’ve heard the No Such Thing As A Fish podcast and fallen in love with those angular melodies of the (quite frankly) EPIC theme tune right? Well Emperor Yes are the band who wrote it, so we thought it only fair to offer you the chance of picking up a bundle with their FANTASMIC debut album >> as well as the special No Such Thing As A Fish vinyl (in black or super limited edition yellow).

Coming on lush ‘Emperor’ Green wax, this is way more than just that opening salvo. This is an album full of anthems about a tonne of interesting things – Clash describing the overall ambience as being equal parts Flaming Lips splendour and sci-fi abandon. You can also pick up a No Such Thing As A Fish T Shirt too as part of the deal. What more could you want?

Now – more about that record! Boasting a feature length special (never to be broadcast) episode on a lavishly packaged heavyweight vinyl - what’s really beautiful about this package is that it also contains downloadable versions of the first 52 podcasts – now unavailable from the traditional places… So there’s a year’s worth of sublime entertainment for your RRP!

Riffing on hilarious facts, comedic stars Dan Schreiber, Andy Murray (no, not that one), James Harkin and Anna Ptaszynski bring their favourite facts to the table and basically chat wit and wisdom about them, entertaining and delighting in one of the breeziest listens you’ll enjoy all year. Want to know what the Swiss Cheese Pervert was arrested for in Philadelphia, or why there’s a ski shop in the Sahara Desert? Well, this is for you...