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Brawlers – Romantic Errors of our Youth 12”

We’re getting sick of you lot asking for it, and even sicker of having to say no! So here it is at LAST. After a year since the debut surfaced, here’s the wonderful album ‘Romantic Errors of Our Youth’ from Brawlers on vinyl record – in colours which are never going to be repressed… So get in quickly.

Not only is this the full 10 track album, but this 12” comes complete with 3 extra tracks – specially recorded acoustic versions of Annabel, High Again and Windowmisser – and is officially coming out a year after the CD version first surfaced.

It’s available on very limited (to 100) REIGN IN BLOOD RED VINYL WITH BLACK SPLATTER, with the rest on straight up Reign in Blood Red. You can also get it with this striking new tee, and with the original CD if you fancy it. Comes with immediate tracks download too.