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Johnny Foreigner - If You Can't Be Honest/A Good Man is Hard to Find - Dual Poster Single

We're getting super excited about the new johnny foreigner album, so we're releasing split two single 'If you can't be honest, be awesome (single edit)/ a good man is hard to find' on poster format. No... Not even that... Dual poster format!

Lex explains: " It's a collage collaboration between our Lewes and Irene Zafra, this years crazy impractical art project involves a movie-style promo poster for every song on the record. They're gorgeous. You'll see them appearing on various internets over the coming month but this is yr chance to own the one for this single + another, randomly drawn one."

So. That's a poster for the single, and another from the album (at random) sent to in A3 size rolled up in a tube... No folds we promise ♥

Album soon....

Two posters, and immediate digital download single £5. Deal?