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Gaffa Tape Sandy – Family Mammal EP and Collage Shirt

We could use this blurb to talk about how great Gaffa Tape Sandy are, how the lovable bunch are incredible live, write indie hit after indie hit – or maybe that they’re playing a stack of summer festivals and you should go see ‘em. Or – we could look at what they’re saying, which is way better. “It’s simply a bunch of songs that we feel happy with and proud of, much like how we feel about our family mammals (our respective beloved dogs). We all have dogs in the band, Robin has a lab called Juno, Catherine has one called Naboo, and Kim has two little terriers called Billy and Pepper.” Buy it, and play it to your family mammal <3 Also – dress them in this lovely shirt 1st edition never to be repressed in this colour.

1) Beehive
2) Meat Head
3) My Desperate House
4) Headlights
5) So Dry
6) Dinner Jacket
7) Turnstile
8) Kill The Chord