Alcopop! Records

Dboy - Prove Your Love - Live in Belem

How many bands record their debut album live… in.. er Brazil for The International Performance Recreation Council Of Russia? D-Boy that’s who, and this magical bunch of hits is a rip-roaring party through their set that will bring joy to the world and almost certainly SAVE US ALL! Limited to 300, we raided Dboy HQ for the final 20 or so copies, to bring them to you. JUST DON’T BREAK OUR Dboy HEARTS…

1. (Don't Break My) Dboy Heart
2. Nowhere Men
3. Interlull
4. Three Piece Band
5. What Does Dboy Mean To You
6. Fecal Alcohol Syndrome
7. Fourth Wish
8. Prove Your Luv
9. Dr. Rock
10. Three Wolves
11. Born With A Hard On
12. Dboy Balls