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Dream Nails - Text Me Back Bundle (Album and Signed Zine)

Dream Nails really hate to be ghosted. It’s a popular theme in their billboard chart topping* hit ‘Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)’. But if you’re texting Dream Nails on the Banana Phone, what would you say? People reckon talk is cheap, but in that WhatsApp group we tell you, it’s worth a bloody fortune.

So this bundle comes with an AWESOME signed 40 page zine, handmade by the band, featuring lyrics, articles and the background to the songs on the album, which brings you all up to date with all the topics of choice for Team Dream Nails. Read this. Text ‘em back. Thank you. Ps Tapes are sparkling and vinyl is vortex green/ white. OOH!

This item is a Preorder. Shipping Late August.