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Dream Nails - Kiss My Fist Megabundle (contains CD or Vinyl, Tape, S/S Shirt, L/S Shirt, Badges, Postcard and Signed Zine)

Says it all really. KISS MY FIST! And grab ALL this awesome stuff for a fistful of notes. Signed zine, eco shirt, eco LS shirt (ethically sourced and eco awesome), badges, glitter tape, postcards AND (of course) your choice of album in whichever format you desire. CD? Yours! Vinyl? Even better!

Just remember that it’s all green and white vortex in colour, and is strictly limited to 600. You heard right. Never to be repressed again… Also, check out the 40-page signed zine, handmade by the band, featuring lyrics, articles and the background to the songs on the album

This item is a Preorder. Shipping Late August.