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Art Brut 'Art Brewed' Limited Edition Bag (250g) of Coffee and Vinyl

Packed full of Wham! Bang! Pow! flavour with a roast level of four—that’s right readers, FOUR—Eddie Argos heads, Art Brewed is the BRAND new coffee from Art Brut available in 250g bags with a vinyl bundle, to get some epic hits into your life!

Art Brewed is a magnificent blend designed for those mornings that follow the nights before, especially if you've been up all night making lots of mistakes. A blend of hand-picked Brazil, El Salvador and India speciality Arabica beans, this coffee is ethically sourced from the finest coffee growers of South America and Asia. A big, full-bodied espresso with a naturally sweet caramel flavour, Art Brewed is balanced and with a muted acidity.

As a milk-based coffee, Art Brewed is sweet, creamy smooth and rich, all complemented by dark chocolate flavours and is available in a limited pressing of 150 bags and, much like vinyl, never to be repressed in this colour packaging. Undeniably the perfect gift for anyone (as long as they like Art Brut and coffee), it has a good 6 month shelf life...

FORGET THE TEA... BRING ME COFFEE! (and make it Art Brewed)
Artz by Rhi Lee Design